Reflections on the 2020 AToZChallenge


Reflections on the 2020 AToZChallenge

On completing the AToZ Blogging Challenge on each of my 3 previous times, I told myself never to do it again. Posting daily 6 of 7 days  for the 4 weeks over the course of a month takes effort, lots of effort. But this year was different.

Reflecting on this April's A To Z, I realized how it became so much more than just meeting the challenge of a daily blog post..

My theme was a Decade of Dance Cruising with each letter beginning the name of a destination to which I had cruised. But as the days progressed I found myself revisiting other travel that I had taken with my family, and the journey from A to Z became, for me, more emotional than descriptive. I dug out old photographs and found boxes of photographic slides which I now plan to digitize.

And most of all, rereading my writing of past forgotten trips as if they were written by someone else, I enjoyed the reading. I'm encouraged to sustain my new habit of daily writing ... and maybe finally finish that novel.

And I love my picture of False Creek - reflections in a mirror of still waters