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The Origin of Review From the House: From Theatre Reviews (From the Seat) to Food and Wine (Fromthe Cellar), Travelblogues (From the Cabin) and Lifestyle (From the Studio)

ReviewFromTheHouse is a lifestyle and entertainment website which was founded in 2006 when I began to write on-line reviews of plays and other cultural events to which I was invited. Over time it expanded into four blogs, each focusing on an activity that I loved. I write from the perspective of a mature urbanite with gourmet tastes, a curious mind, a literary bent, an addiction to puns and cryptic crosswords, and a passion for dance cruising round the globe.

 About Me

As a teenager I wasn't sure whether to pursuer a career as a writer or as a pediatrician. I figured that a doctor could always write but a writer couldn't practice medicine. 

 I earned my medical degree and a doctorate from the University of Cape Town before moving to Canada with my husband and our three young children. We landed in Halifax, Nova Scotia and took three weeks to drive the Trans-Canada Highway to Vancouver, British Columbia. After obtaining two  specialist degrees I worked as a medical professor, researcher (nutrition, biochemistry and genetics) and director until I retired. That’s when I developed a passion for ballroom dancing and switched my focus from science to the arts.

Now a decade later, having taken up the challenge of being an entrepreneur in the business of helping people to age healthily, maintain a youthful vibrant appearance and grow their own entrepreneurial businesses, my research interest once again focuses on the science of human physiology, biochemistry and genetics. I have achieved my personal goals of changing my weight trajectory from gaining pounds to losing weight.  My weight and dress size are at the level they were as a teenager. My energy level is high, my mood upbeat, I take no medications other than nutritional  and epigenetic supplements and botox is not on my radar! I am sharing my roadmap for personal healthy aging in my forthcoming book  "Growing Older, Living Younger: The Science of Aging Gracefully, and The Art of Retiring Comfortably."

Whether at a play, dining in a restaurant or visiting new places, your experience will be different to mine and  I’d  love to hear about it.

You can email me at : gillian@reviewfromthehouse.com or message me at LinkedIn. 
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