From Sciatica to Spine Surgery: The saga continues - Week 10

From Sciatica to Spine Surgery: The saga continues - Week 10

From Sciatica to Spine Surgery: The saga continues - Week 10

Week 10 and I am feeling great. My energy level is high,  I am back in the gym, my low carb weight loss plan seems to be working and I am going to social events, plays, movies and restaurants. In fact the one thing everyone keeps reminding me about is that "you have had major surgery, don't overdo it."

It's hard to be disciplined and sensible when I feel so good but here is me, walking back from grocery shopping with a light bag in each hand. If I need more than I can carry comfortably I confess that I drive there.

The picture was taken for me by a person who was also enjoying the sea wall. It was supposed to show the two light grocery bags but I guess I did not make the concept clear so the grocery bags don't feature at all.


Over the past few weeks  I have been feeling stronger and getting more active, and going along with that are a whole lot of questions on a range of subjects, like how and when can one progress to twisting and rotation, how much back extension is  alright, decreasing weight restrictions for lifting, effect of low carb diet on bone metabolism, starting standard ballroom before Latin because of hip movement.

 I have been asking around, letting my fingers do the walking around Google and other search engines.  I have to ask how much of what one reads is actually based on solid research? So I plan to do some digging into the scientific literature as I was trained to do and see what studies are actually out there.

Check back and see what I find out - based on facts not mythology.

I have had a few emails from my readers who have only recently learned about my "going-on-7-months" saga through the agony of sciatic pain to the ecstasy of feeling "nearly normal". So for those who are only  catching up now, here is where the story started.