spine surgery

Sciatica to Samba Queen: Spinal Fusion to Dance Cruising Gillian Lockitch Thu, 04/19/2018 - 10:16

I fell off a horse when I was 18. Following that injury, throughout my adult life I had chronic low back pain. Intermittently it would flare into acute episodes that were so severe that for several days at a time I could only lie down with a pillow under my knees, take heavy doses of anti-inflammatory medication and wait for the episode to be over. 

Week 10 and I am feeling great. My energy level is high,  I am back in the gym, my low carb weight loss plan seems to be working and I am going to social events, plays, movies and restaurants. In fact the one thing everyone keeps reminding me about is that "you have had major surgery, don't overdo it."

Today I achieved yet another small step on my way to recovery from my recent back surgery. I managed to get my sock onto my  right foot.  It may not sound like much  but it was the absolutely last thing I needed to be able to do, in order to say that I could completely take care of myself, at last as far as getting dressed is concerned.

Ok probably not a good joke to make right now when I am 5 days post spine surgery - but I am a little sad at having missed Blackbird Theatre's Who's Afraid of Virginia Woolf: My guest reviewer saw it in my place. And I can never resist a little word play.