Week fifteen: Rehabilitation or just getting fit

Week fifteen: Rehabilitation or just getting fit

Week fifteen: Rehabilitation or just getting fit

So when you have had spine surgery, when do you stop thinking of your workouts and training as rehabilitation from a major trauma and start thinking of just getting fitter, stronger, faster and more flexible?  It may sound like splitting hairs but I think there is a philosophical difference in approach and mental attitude.

For me at any rate when I think "rehab" it raises concern about messing with healing or re-injury, taking things slow and cautiously. Getting fitter makes me think Demi Moore in GI Jane - love that movie. Though as my trainer points out "remember it's a movie - not real life." I think he was too polite to point out that I am not Demi Moore - and am also a lot older than she was when that film was made. Sigh!

I had really found the Activator poles helpful in the first few weeks after surgery. I felt more stable and secure when I walked, and it really helped my posture and balance. The poles also served a semiotic purpose in that they were a signal - like a cane - that people should keep their distance, and their off-leash dogs out of my way.

But there came a point in time when I really did not need the stability of the Activator Poles and could do with the extra upper body workout that comes with the other poles. To find out about converting my Activator Poles to ordinary Nordic walking poles, I arranged with Mandy Shintani of the Urban Poling company to give me a tutorial on how to change over, and what the difference is between the techniques for using both types of poles.

With two busy schedules it was difficult to find a time to get  together but finally we were out on the sea wall and about to make a video of my transition from Activator to Nordic style walking poles.

We corralled a passing walker to take a picture of the two of us, smiling and ready to make movies.  With a few starts and stops we managed to film enough material to put together a useful video for anyone who is using these Urban Poles for rehabilitation or fitness purposes.

Now I have to put  my IMovie lesson that I had at the Apple Store to good use and see if I can put the video together. Watch this space. It is coming soon.