Failing to Grow a No-Fail Mushroom Kit

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Failing to Grow a No-Fail Mushroom Kit

My reputation as a gardener who clearly lacked a 'green thumb', was firmly cemented long ago among my family when I managed to not grow a non-fail 'grow your own mushrooms kit.'  All I had to do ostensibly was add water but somehow, nothing grew. I also lacked the patience to care properly for my vegetable garden and though I ambitiously planted my garden in springtime, I seldom harvested a respectable crop. 

But the one thing I managed to do well was collect and grow African Violets. I had quite a collection of varieties, but when I moved from our family home into my condo, I gave all the plants away.  

During the first few years in my condo, I grew tomatoes and herbs in containers on my patio with some success but once I began to travel on my dance cruises, I gave up trying to have a patio garden, and the planters stood empty for several years. 

Then came the pandemic, no more travelling, and periods of isolation. Although I kept very busy and socially  connected through my online wellness and beauty business,  I  decided that this summer I would take on two gardening challenges and dispel the myth that I lacked a green thumb. 

On my patio I planted vegetables and herbs, and indoors, I decided to restart a collection of African Violets.  

I learned  lots of dos and donts: how not to stake tomatoes, rot zucchini and types of tomato fungus. But still, I got a great harvest of tomatoes and brussels sprouts, as well as fresh herbs.