I visited a friend on Vancouver Island who hosted a casual reunion lunch for a group of us, who had travelled in Italy together several years ago. The lunch was tapas-style and accompanied by  a selection of white and rosé wines.

Our menu started with a charcuterie plate of assorted salamis and cheeses, colourful raspberries and sliced kiwi, with olives and crackers. 

Tucked away on the corner of Venables Street and Victorian Drive, a block east of  buzzing Commercial Drive, the creaky old Vancouver East Cultural Theatre had a quaint charm for theatre lovers despite its uncomfortable seats and awkwardly located washrooms.  Originally an old abandoned church that was developed into a theatre space some thirty-seven years ago, the facility suffered from structural and technical limitations and uncomfortable working conditions for casts and crews and has now been extensively renovated.

Sweet tooth? Not I. I choose salami over strudel any time.So it is appropriate that the first supping experience I report occurred at SALT, a restaurant specializing in charcuterie and cheeses. Mmmmm. Just thinking about it sets my mouth watering.