Still More Dance!

YSpan/Youth plus  Vitality - that does it!

Still More Dance!

Five full days of dance camp at sea and with the exception of missing the first ten minutes of one rueda class ( attending the Mariners Club lunch), and some of the last salsa class (trying to find a photo) I have not missed a class. Clearly I have no problem with stamina but by the fifth hour that swollen toe  sure lets me know its time to take the weight off it. 

So the program continues:

Day 3

Rhythm: After another full body warmup, the emphasis was on basic samba elements; samba walks,  voltas, whisks. Working on opening the hips and getting that rotatory motion. 
West Coast Swing - focus on whips - basket whip, basic whip and different ways styling the sugar push. So far I  have 6 variations but actually using them in the dance… not so practised.
Rueda - new terms introduced - policia, tumba francesca, dame cuba, silencio, sensual
Salsa - more practice 
Ballroom - waltz - flip flops.

Day 4.  

Rhythm: East coast swing in confined places - keeping movements small and contained eg. from left shoulder to right shoulder
West Coast Swing - using an extended whip - followers to move independently using a variety of moves from other dances, swivels, progressives, chugs, pullbacks, samba walks. 
Rueda: Dame la loca, dame conlos manos, ni Pa Ti Ni Pa Mi, Bing Bong triple, enchufla Y casate
Salsa - pops and advanced basics
Ballroom - we had BBKings so we were able to do quickstep. Basic steps including spin turn.

Day 5.  Last day of dance camp at sea.

Rhythm: Night Club 2 Step - such a cool relaxed dance
Hustle Class - different energy from WCS!Rueda - review of various calls for the demo later
Salsa -  review of what we learned over the week.
Ballroom - back in the Northern Lights club -  reviewed similar steps in waltz and foxtrot timing.

After the last class on Saturday our rueda group performed and we had a closing get together.

“Awards” were handed out to the students. Guess  what my award was? Actually - no guessing needed - the picture is right there !  I attribute my  energy to my two nutrigenomic supplements - YSpan / Youth in the States and Vitality.   It's all about epigenetics - changing gene expression.