First full sea day in the Atlantic and it's quiet-time

 Queen Elizabeth

First full sea day in the Atlantic and it's quiet-time

Between unpacking and waiting for the Emergency Drill on embarkation day, I took a quick walk from D at the aft of the ship (my preferred location actually) to the A stairs. The Queen Mary is so long it is almost 300 steps. My fit-bit loves this life on board. She sends me congratulatory messages when I reach 10,000 steps and then tells me I am an overachiever when I am 6,000 steps over that. Guess I should re-define my goals.

Anyway after checking out the gym (no exercise floor like on the Queen Elizabeth) I wandered into the Spa and decided to treat myself to a massage and nail treatments. Managed to book early appointments so my whole day would not be taken up.

Resisting the inducements from the staff,  I declined the facial treatments as I have my own skin care regimen with me but the rest of me (muscles, hands and feet) were crying out for some attention.

Next morning at 8 am when the Spa opened I indulged in some hydrotherapy in the Spa pool before the nail treatments. The water jets  seemed to melt the knots in my muscles that had built up from lots of exercise without my daily stretching. Met some interesting people in the hot tub. I love hearing everyone’s stories.

After the morning treatments were done the need for quiet relaxation exceeded my need to checkout social activities.  The decision to have soup and salad from room service for lunch and spend some quiet time in my cabin was an easy one. Did my own facial treatments with the Spas and ageLOCMe, and felt like a new (or refurbished) woman. Ready for the first formal night - a Black and White Ball.

But for now, quiet time.