ketogenic nutrition

If only we could send aromas over the internet. Slow cooked lamb shank casserole with garlic, onions and gai lan greens in cooking sherry filled my apartment with tantalizing, mouthwatering, complex aromas. '

I am frequently asked how I can keep up my ketogenic nutrition program and my reply is “ it’s easy because I can eat all the foods I enjoy and foods I dislike are actually not keto-friendly.” I have to be disciplined and stick to an eating plan because by nature I could binge eat all day.

Anyone finding it harder to not snack constantly while you are at home?  And noticing a creeping weight increase? Willpower does not work for me.

It took consistency and discipline for me to reach my health, weight loss and fitness goals by adopting a ketogenic nutrition program coupled with caloric restriction through time-restricted fasting.  After my severe sciatic episode and spinal surgery, I had  gained 40 lbs. It took 8 years of yoyo dieting and exercising to lose 10 lbs, a year of semi-low carbohydrate eating to lose the next 10 lbs, and less than a year of  ketogenic nutrition and intermittent fasting to drop the last 20 lbs of fat. 

It was only when I reached back to my academic roots in medical biochemistry and decided that a ketogenic nutritional program and lifestyle was the physiological way to reach optimal body weight and composition that I finally got to my target weight with BMI ( Body Mass Index) at the low end of the normal range. 

One of several tools that I use to keep me on track is the wireless Fitbit Aria Scale. This scale uses BIA (Bioelectrical impedance analysis) to measure % body fat. Each morning I step on the scale  and my weight, %fat and calculated BMI is sent to my FitBit app.

What do you do when you are committed to a ketogenic health and weight-loss program and you are entertaining friends for dinner? In my close circle of friends, everyone has a different take on food. Some have, to a greater or lesser extent, embraced the low carb or keto approach to nutrition. Others avoid fats and eggs believing that this will lower their cholesterol levels. There are no vegans in our group but some favour vegetarian meals.