Supping Away: Sangria46 - New York

Supping Away: Sangria46 - New York

Sangria 46
338 West 46th St., between 8 and 9th Ave., New York
Ph: 212-581-8482

For my last Saturday night in New York, we had managed to get  tickets to Burn the Floor, the ballroom and Latin dance spectacular that so blew me away, that I had to see it again.

For dinner we decided to try Sangria 46, a relatively new restaurant serving traditional Spanish cuisine, a few blocks away from the theatre. I got there a few minutes early and sipped from a glass of Castillo Medina Sauvignon Blanc as I waited for MIke to join me. The place, that can seat about 125 people,  filled up amazingly quickly and the numerous waiters attractively dressed in black pants, white shirts with red scarves, were soon kept very busy.

A bread basket with crusty baguette slices was brought to the table and I munched on a couple of slices until Mike arrived.  He ordered sangria to sip while whe studied the menu.

We did not order any of the main courses as I had I noted that the portions brought to adjacent tables, were quite substantial. I preferred to experience smaller tastes of a greater variety of dishes.  So we decided to order from the tapas menu and share.

We chose four  dishes: chorizo, fried baby artichokes, shrimps in garlic sauce  and crab stuffed mushrooms. Three of the dishes were brought to the table on the stand shown in the picture.  All four dishes were tasty, spicy but not overly so.

After enjoying each morsel of the savoury foods we agreed that a light dessert was in order,  and shared vanilla ice-cream with a sweet sherry topping. Yummy.

After a satisfying meal and a short walk to the theatre, we were more than ready to enjoy the high energy show that we were about to see.