Who could ask for anything more?

Who could ask for anything more?

Bookstores and dance class- my idea of bliss. Really - who could ask for anything more?

Barry and I were out on the beach front just before 8 this morning. It was the perfect temperature, warm but not humid, sea breeze. We passed joggers, walkers and people walking their dogs. The sea was that deep violet blue, almost black, that brings to mind Homer’s “wine-red sea” and the surf was crashing against the rocks. We just don’t get that sound of crashing waves in False Creek.

Back for a quick shower and healthy breakfast of –yogurt, fruit and nuts – I really am too predictable. Then off to a children’s bookstore called A for Apple. There are 4 cousins born or on the way and I thought that books were the ideal gifts. So I was shopping for 2 five year old boys, 3 and 2 year old girls and 2 babies. Saw some really interesting books that I have not seen in N.America – with African themes and stories, so I got a few for CJ as well.

Then we went for lunch with Gavin at Pigalle, the 6 star restaurant where he is one of the managers, and busy revamping the wine list. We are planning to come back one evening for dinner and dance there, next week.

Later I was off to a hall in Camps Bay for a dance class. The temperature here today was 33 degrees and although the hall was large and airy it was still very warm. The lesson ended up being two and a half hours. We worked on foxtrot and waltz, then some quickstep and ended up with 15 minutes of jive. I am beginning to feel back to normal – even though it will probably take a few more days to work off the effect of those chips! It’s interesting how much one’s body becomes accustomed to exercise and how lumpish you can feel after missing out on your regimen for a few days.