Dream Dance Cruise - Three Ships, Seven Seas

Dream Dance Cruise - Three Ships, Seven Seas

Dream Dance Cruise - Three Ships, Seven Seas

The story of this month-long sea-based journey from the Black Sea to the Western Mediterranean is written as three distinct travelblogues. This is the index to the stories. Links will be added and activated as each story is posted.

The first part is about Istanbul and the Black Sea on the MV Aegean Odyssey during which we will learn of the history, art and culture  of the countries bordering on the Black Sea.

Then follows a four night cruise in the Western Mediterranean on Costa Luminosa.

A brief stay in Venice and then we embark on the Italian Dreams cruise on Crystal Serenity through the Adriatic, Mediterranean and Tyrrhenian Seas to Monaco.

Three Ships: Aegean Odyssey, Costa Luminosa, Crystal Serenity.
Seven Seas: Black Sea and the sub-divisions of the Mediterranean including the Sea of Marmara, the Adriatic, Ionian, Tyrrhenian, Ligurian and Balearic Seas.

In this and all future travelblogues or posts,  clicking on a picture or map will enlarge it for clarification of detail.


Istanbul and the Black Sea on MV Aegean Odyssey

Mediterranean Playground on Costa Luminosa

  • Friday 13th                  Savona, Italy
  • Saturday 14th             Barcelona, Spain
  • Sunday 15th                Ibiza,
  • Monday 16th               Marseille, France
  • Tuesday 17th             Savona to Venice

Italian Dreams on Crystal Serenity

  • Wednesday 18th      Venice
  • Thursday 19th           Embark Crystal Serenity
  • Friday 20th               Venice
  • Saturday 21st           Kotor, Montenegro
  • Sunday 22nd           Day at Sea
  • Monday 23rd            Taormina, Sicily
  • Tuesday 24th            Sorrento, Italy
  • Wednesday 25th       Cittavecchia, Rome, Italy
  • Thursday 26th           Livorno, Florence, Italy
  • Friday 27th                Portovenere, Italy
  • Saturday 28th           Disembark Monte Carlo - Nice - Paris


  • Sunday 29th              Paris for the day
  • Monday 30th              Paris to Istanbul        
  • Tuesday 1st               Istanbul
  • Wednesday2nd         Istanbul to Los Angeles to Vancouver