Aegean Odyssey Cruise Day 0. Embark on Cunard's Queen Elizabeth in the Port of Piraeus

Aegean Odyssey Cruise Day 0. Embark on Cunard's Queen Elizabeth in the Port of Piraeus

Although I have cruised several times on the Queen Mary 2 (and love cruising on this ocean liner) and once on the Queen Victoria, this was my first time on board Cunard's Queen Elizabeth. Once I had checked out my cabin and seen that my luggage was not yet there for me to unpack, I took my camera and went exploring. Very quickly I realized that I liked the smaller, more intimate feel of this ship which has the capacity for 2,092 passengers compared to the maximum passenger capacity of 3090 of her larger sister ship. 

The ship is 964 ft long and is the second-biggest Cunard ship, with the Queen Mary 2 (QM2) being the largest at 1132 ft long. Whereas it often takes me till the end of the cruise to figure out where I am on the QM2 (I am a bit directionally and spatially challenged) I felt I could  quite quickly figure out my space and directions on the Queen Elizabeth.

Although I loved the warm ambience and the elegance of all the public areas that I walked through, my interest was in the dance venues. First I headed down to the Queens Room. This is the main (and identically named) dance venue on each of the three Cunard Liners, where the big dance floor is located.

Though not quite as large as the ballroom of the Queen Mary 2, the dance floor on the QE is a nice size, about 1000 sq.ft. The Queens Room orchestra plays several sets almost every evening.

There is also a lovely dance floor on Deck 10 in the Yacht Club. It is circular and I was not sure what the diameter was but it is also a nice size for dancing especially when there are not many people on the floor. I thought for sure we would be able to get a lot of great dancing in on this cruise.

Next I wandered through to the  Royal Court Theatre. This luxuriously comfortable theatre holds about 800 people. The seating is tiered so that the sight lines are generally very good. The seats are really comfortable and the theatre is accessible from decks 1 to 3 depending on whether you want to sit close to the stage or up in the balcony areas..There are also 16 private boxes as you can see in the second picture.

Here are some other views of the elegant design of the Queen Elizabeth's interiors. More pictures to come later.

Later that evening we watched the show in the Royal Court Theatre. The entertainment was a Welcome Aboard Show hosted by Amanda Reid, the Entertainment Director, designed to give a taste of what was to come in the Royal Court Theatre over the next week.  The show featured the Royal Cunard singers and dancers.  The quartet of singers currently on board were among the best I have seen on a cruise and I was excited to see the upcoming shows.  Eugene and Darya were the International Dance Couple on board.  Beautiful dancers and again I was excited to see them perform in the Queens Room.