It has been 5 years since I last visited Argentina.  I went there to learn Argentine Tango, not for the wine so most of my time was spent at Tango Schools in the city of Buenos Aires. When I saw that the BC Hospitality Foundation’s DISH ’N DAZZLE 2018 was featuring Wines of Argentina, I thought it was time to get an overview and taste of the wines. The  DISH ’N DAZZLE event is a fund raiser for for the BCHF which supports people in the hospitality industry who face financial crises due to health issues and have no other source of help. BCHF also provides training scholarships.


I am not a rabble rouser. I don't sign petitions or march in parades to support  or protest against ideologies or political actions.  I don't subscribe to any particular socio-political ideals but make up my mind based on how I see the reality of a specific situation. So why did I, along with a whole lot of people, head off to hear a reading of Homegrown by Catherine Frid, on the same night  in eleven different locations across Canada?