The Last Days of Judas Iscariot: Guest Review by Sean Allan

The Last Days of Judas Iscariot: Guest Review by Sean Allan

Directed by  Stephen Drover
Pacific Theatre
A :Pound of Flesh and Pacific Theatre Co-Production    
October 7th to 17th

You take a brilliantly written script that turns the Judas Iscariot story inside out, set it in a court room, lace it with profanity, people it with some of the best actors in town, and you have a riveting evening of theatre. 

Director Stephen Drover has assembled a cast that has the chops to wrestle this material into submission and serve it hot.  It is done in the form of a staged reading with the actors reading from their scripts that seem to vanish in most of the scenes.  Outstanding in this large cast (many of whom play multiple roles) are Michael Kopsa as the Lucifer you love to hate, delicious and snake evil, Kevin McNulty as Judge Littlefield who runs his court like a lunatic asylum, Dawn Petten as the hilariously practical Mother Teresa, Ron Reed as Butch, who relates his tale of betrayal with simplicity and grace.  Denis Simpson as a fierce Pontius Pilate is the epitome of contempt.

Katharine Venour as Cunningham grows larger in each of her scenes as the defender of Judas to be finally crushed by the devil himself. Marcus Youssef as El Fayoumy is a comic revelation, Alexa Devine plays Mary Magdelene,  and Camyar Chai is Jesus.  Bob Frazer reveals Judas like an autopsy on a living person, from childhood to death, particularly in a drunk scene with the devil.  He is a remarkable talent. 

All in all, as an evening in theatre, this is an embarrassment of riches.  If you enjoy theatre that makes you think and laugh and feel....and think some more, don't miss The Last  Days of Judas Iscariot.  For Tickets call 604-731-5518 or go online to Tickests@PacificTheatre.Org.