The roast chicken challenge: Rotisserie or Oven Roast

The roast chicken challenge:  Rotisserie or Oven Roast

The roast chicken challenge: Rotisserie or Oven Roast

The challenge: Oven roasted chicken or rotisserie chicken, which is better? I acquired a Deni Vertical Rotisserie a while ago but had not got around to using it. My daughter pointed out that she had happy childhood memories of my oven roasted chicken dinners and wondered how rotisserie roasted chicken could possibly be better. We had two organic free range chicken to cook so voila- this was a perfect time to compare the two methods.

We prepared a simple marinade with an eclectic choice of flavourings.  The base was olive oil with a touch of sesame oil and coconut amino soy substitute for the Asian influence, garlic, salt and pepper, added a hit of Nando's peri peri sauce to satisfy the spicy hot tastes, added garlic flakes, salt and pepper to the interior, basted the chickens and were ready to go.

We heated the oven to 350°, placed one chicken on the roasting pan and the other in the rotisserie. The rotisserie time suggested in the manual was between 40 and 50 minutes on high with the center heat on. For the weight of the bird we decided to split the difference and set it for 45 minutes.

When the cycle was complete we let the chicken rest for 10 minutes and then deboned it, reserving the bones for a soup stock. The skin was evenly brown, the meat perfectly cooked, moist and flavourful. Cleanup was quick and easy. The fat collected in the drip pan from where it was simple to pour it into the freezer container I use to avoid oil clogs in the sinlk. Then washing the small parts in hot soapy water with minimal scrubing needed and it was ready for storage.

The oven cooking time we set for 75 minutes but when we checked, it clearly needed more time. Total cooking time was 90 minutes. The meat was moist but less flavourful, the skin less evenly browned. To save a lot of mess I used foil in the drip pan. After the fat drippings were also poured into the freezer container , the foil had to go in the garbage.

 We agreed that for in each of the categories - ease of use, cooking time, appearance and flavour, the Rotisserie won out.

Bottom line: I love this Vertical Rotisserie - can't imagine why it took me so long to use it. 

Now to experiment with other cuts. Lamb souvlaki next.