January 2022

I was reflecting on what retirement means to me. Becoming a new entrepreneur at 70, launching my podcast Growing Older Living Younger 6 years later, and of course writing this book, kept me optimistic, happy and energized, and sustained me through the dark days of the pandemic.  Active retirement provides a path to aging that is rich in mental, physical, social and cultural growth.

Reading about the recent death of Terry Teachout, drama critic, podcaster, and playwright, reminded me of  my 2014 stopover in New York to see theatre and enjoy fine dining before embarking on a cruise. One of the plays I saw was Treachout's Satchmo at the Waldorf.

Since unlike in my previous home garden I was limited for space, rather than starting my plants from seeds, I shared plants from a nursery with my daughter, who was setting up her outdoor garden.

To start my journey of propagating African Violets I was able to buy three different varieties from a local nursery.


My reputation as a gardener who clearly lacked a 'green thumb', was firmly cemented long ago among my family when I managed to not grow a non-fail 'grow your own mushrooms kit.'  All I had to do ostensibly was add water but somehow, nothing grew. I also lacked the patience to care properly for my vegetable garden and though I ambitiously planted my garden in springtime, I seldom harvested a respectable crop.