Honolulu restaurant review

Heavenly Restaurant is the Shoreline Waikiki's restaurant serving a locally sourced organic menu. Hotel guests get a 10% discount eating there.

My flight from Vancouver came into HNL around 7:30 so by the time I arrived at the hotel it was around 9:30 (midnight Vancouver time) and I was tired and hungry. After I dropped my bags in my room and washed up I headed down to Heavenly. Got a table on the patio and luxuriated in the balmy Hawaiian air.

Arriving at the Beachhouse restaurant we waited a few minutes to be shown to our patio table. While waiting I enjoyed the view over the garden pub to the sea beyond. We were seated on the Beachhouse verandah overlooking the bandstand in the garden area below. This evening we enjoyed a perfect view to the west so that we could actually watch the sun dip below the horizon. I watched for the perfect green flash but did not see it. Perhaps I was too focused on taking a picture.