From Gillian's Kitchen: Social Networks, Business Networks and buddies

From Gillian's Kitchen: Social Networks, Business Networks and buddies

One of my "to-dos" on retirement was to learn a new language. I have managed to acquire a smattering of Italian and a little more Spanish - though it will take a lot more than a beginner course at UBC Robson Square, visits to Mexico and my "Spanish in Ten Minutes A Day" to get me over my reluctance to try out my new vocabulary. But even more than being able to count to hundred in Spanish, new words that have entered the vocabulary of my mother tongue - computer-speak - have begun to assume a major importance in my life.

In the last three years I have retired from one professional career, moved from a family home into a downtown condo, taken up ballroom dancing as a seriously fulltime hobby and embarked on a seriously fulltime new career; namely writing for ReviewFromTheHouse and trying to develop a career in entertainment journalism. In the "old days" when you moved into a new community and took a new job, you just made new friends. Now to build a new life and a new career, it appears that you must develop Social Networks, Business Networks, Facebook communities, Twitter followers, join Xing and Zoom and LinkedIN.

So as an adventuresome individual with a curious mind, I am exploring these various networking options, and will be reporting shortly on my progress. You can find me on Facebook and Twitter but I am not very good at keeping up to the minute with either.  It is really difficult to write when you have to tweet all day.

In the mean time I encourage you to check out the interview with Canadian playwright, Emil Sher, author among many things, of the thought provoking and heart rending play, Mourning Dove, that was produced by Pacific Theatre last year.

Watch for my chat with Christopher Gaze about the upcoming cycle of Shakespeare's history plays at Bard on the Beach, starting with Richard II this season.