July 2022

We Will Rock You
Music and Lyrics by Queen Book by Ben Elton
Director  Saccha Dennis 
In 1994, I was in Denver, Colorado to give a conference presentation on Selenium: Beyond Glutathione Peroxidase. Arriving the day before, I looked at the local newspaper to see what the theatre scene was like. A couple of blocks from my hotel, at the Denver Center of the Performing Arts, a play about Janis Joplin was on and I bought a ticket. Though I did not know the term at the time, "Love Janis", which wove her music into aspects of her life story, was the first "jukebox musical" I saw.  I remembered  this, when I saw We Will Rock You, described as a jukebox musical featuring the music of Queen.  

Did Theatre Under the Stars consult with Nostradamus' nephew to find the perfect night to open Something Rotten? After a rainy morning and a dubious afternoon, the sun came out by evening as TUTS returned to the Malkin Bowl stage after a 2 year hiatus. And just as sunshine makes me happy, the joyful energy of the singers, dancers and musicians made me want to leap out of my seat and dance. Luckily, my companion restrained me. Bottom line, so to speak, I loved the show.