May 2020

I am frequently asked how I can keep up my ketogenic nutrition program and my reply is “ it’s easy because I can eat all the foods I enjoy and foods I dislike are actually not keto-friendly.” I have to be disciplined and stick to an eating plan because by nature I could binge eat all day.

Anyone finding it harder to not snack constantly while you are at home?  And noticing a creeping weight increase? Willpower does not work for me.

Contest Winners: "Where in the World will Jill Go Next"
run in conjunction with my 2020 A to Z Blogging Challenge


On completing the AToZ Blogging Challenge on each of my 3 previous times, I told myself never to do it again. Posting daily 6 of 7 days  for the 4 weeks over the course of a month takes effort, lots of effort. But this year was different.