April 2006

VANCOUVER, B.C. - I inhabit a new Yaletown condo, just like the elegant space designed by Yvan Morissette for Peter and Mary; (un)happily married couple of Francois Archambault’s The Leisure Society, now playing at Performance Works.  Well there are some differences of course between their place and mine.

VANCOUVER, B.C. - Kudos to Glynis Leyshon and the Vancouver Playhouse team for bringing us some of the most outstanding performances of the 2005/06 Vancouver theatre season. I will never forget the incredible virtuosity of Pamela Gien and Caroline Cave effortlessly changing between the 23 different characters of the Syringa Tree.

As a university professor, I have spent much of my professional life before audiences, lecturing to students or medical residents, or giving presentations or workshops at national and international conferences. Yet the mere thought of going on stage as an actor to recall lines that I have memorized, fills me with terror.