Waltzing in Vienna: The Hilton Vienna

Waltzing in Vienna: The Hilton Vienna

My home from home for 11 nights was the Hilton Vienna at Am Stadtpark 1. I managed to find a reasonable room price through Orbitz. Overall I liked almost everything about it - location, comfort and the staff. My room  was large and very comfortable- perfect for a stay of 11 nights. The desk was spacious and there was lots of storage space.

p1130398-w500-h500.jpgThere were however two minor flaws:

First that wireless internet, though free in the lobby, would have cost 25 euros a day in the room had I used it.  I find that amazing since most small boutique hotels provide free in-room internet but somehow the large hotel chains like Hilton feel the need to charge. however there were comfortable high tables in the lobby bar where I could stand to use my laptop and that worked out fine.

Tp1130401-w500-h500.jpghe second “flaw” was that breakfast was not included and the restaurant breakfast buffet – which is a good buffet – nevertheless cost 20 euros if you reserved the night before or 29 if you just showed up. 

This actually turned out to be a good thing for me because once I got the hotel to clear out the minibar fridge, I had room to store yogurt, nuts, seeds and strawberries which I picked up at the Spar across the road. Later I also got myself ground coffee, cream and a filter for my own in-room coffee made just as I like it. 

I also learned that you have to buy carrier bags at the Spar, that you pack your own groceries, and weigh your fruit and veggies, unlike here where they get weighed at the till.

My coffee brewing for my breakfast is not to negate the fantastic coffee I p1130402-w500-h500.jpghave had in several locations in Vienna.  Its just that I find when traveling, my equilibrium tends to be altered by the different amount of activity and the different ways of eating, so I try to keep at least my breakfast close to the way I would normally eat at home. So over the ten day stay the non-included breakfast actually worked out really well.

Thanks to a peculiarity of my sleeping habits, my lack of German vocabulary,  and housekeeping staff who speak little English, I had an amusing experience - read about it in the Duvet Dilemma.

And overall the location of the hotel was very good. Each morning I warmed up with a  brisk walk to the dance school for classes that started at 10 am. The Inner City of Vienna is so walkable that any location I wanted to reach was a comfortable walk from the hotel. I would definitely stay there again.