Antoinette Nwandu

Pass Over 
By Antoinette Nwandu 
Directed by Omari Newton 

Two young African-American men, Moses (Chris Francisque) and Kitch (Kwasi Thomas) hang out endlessly near a lamp post on the corner of a crime-ridden urban street. As they talk and debate whether they can ever "git off dis block" and escape their mindless existence, they hear gun fire and speculate who is the latest in a very long list, that the po-pos (police) have killed. As the hours pass, they dream of passing over – escaping the city block - and they divert themselves with listing their Top 10 things to have in their Promised Land. At first they talk of champagne and caviar but the reality of simple collard greens and pinto beans, and clean socks in a drawer takes over.