Are you resolved to stay in shape, lose weight, keep limber or maintain strong bones and muscles? It is so much easier to break a resolution than to stick with the necessary work. You have to make it a habit.

Here is my Growing Older,Living Younger tip for the day. It's how to remember to take your nutritional supplements every day. I have a simple accountability program to help people who forget to take their twice daily supplements but it involves learning how to consolidate a habit.

It took consistency and discipline for me to reach my health, weight loss and fitness goals by adopting a ketogenic nutrition program coupled with caloric restriction through time-restricted fasting.  After my severe sciatic episode and spinal surgery, I had  gained 40 lbs. It took 8 years of yoyo dieting and exercising to lose 10 lbs, a year of semi-low carbohydrate eating to lose the next 10 lbs, and less than a year of  ketogenic nutrition and intermittent fasting to drop the last 20 lbs of fat. 

“For anything to really change, we must first change our thinking”  (Rael Kalley)
I have a brother who is a life coach. Twenty-five years ago he founded his company which offers both personal and corporate coaching. I admire his many achievements. His book “Life Sinks or  Soars; The Choice is Yours", imparts valuable life lessons through his story of one man’s journey from despair to joy.  But what I most admire is his amazing ability to be consistent.