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Vancouver Island

A Camembert from Vancouver Island's Natural PasturesOysters, Cheese and Sauces - who knew these things but chefs, fishmongers and dairy people?

Cheese: Our recent tasting of Soft-ripened Bloomy Rind Cheeses prompted questions from our tasters like  "how are Camembert and Brie different anyway?" It was a question that had frequently flitted across my mind, but one that I had never seriously set out to research. So now was the time.

So here goes with some foodie trivia: Without  any books on cheeses...

The TwoGuest Writer, Amanda, travels to Tigh-Na-Mara Resort and Spa in Parksville on Vanouver Island

 I read somewhere that when starting a new relationship one of the best ways to get to know each other quickly is to get into an intentionally stressful situation. At the top of the list in this article were road trips and camping – two things that I love to do – and completely not stressful as far as I can determine. But with that in mind, Rob and I...

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