Canada Post: From Anyone - but when ?

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Canada Post: From Anyone - but when ?

enough saidAt last, 23 days from the date post-marked on the envelope, my registered letter has been delivered and signed for in New York.

The Canada Post tracking form still shows neither its arrival in the US nor the fact that it has just been delivered. Despite the information on the screenshot from the Canada Post tracking form. Updated daily. Hmmm...  wanna buy the Brooklyn Bridge?

But no more sniggering from those of you who have followed this sad saga of slow, sloppy, snail-like service from my first plaintive posting "Does Canada Post use Ox-Wagons" through sucessive  reports of non-arrival.

The funniest point of all was made by the recipient who called me to announce its arrival. The letter proudly bears a stamp that says "Canada Post: From anyone... to anywhere."  But as he said - it does not say how long.

I have learned a valuable lesson. My motto with respect to anything of importance regarding this postal service is "Not From Me...Not Anywhere...Not Anytime."