Day 3: Pictures from the second formal night

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Day 3: Pictures from the second formal night

Wendy and her hostsHoney makes sure Chris is picture-perfectAfter a busy day and the very satisfying but filling lobster lunch at the Fish House Grill in Bar Harbor I felt as if I would not want to eat again for a year. 

But we were asked to gather for group pictures before dinner, so there I was at dinner time with the gang in the lobby, watching Wendy try to marshal her staff for the pictures of the hosts for this cruise.

Wendy was trying to get everyone together while Honey was adjusting Chris's cummerbund and Bruce was giving  advice in the background.

Imogen and I took advantage of the moment to get a photo too.

Wendy and Honey

Me with Imogen

Finally they were all nicely lined up on the staircase. Robert, Chris slightly hidden, Wendy, Sam, Honey, John and Philip all looking most elegant.

I think the red and green was just coincidental but the colours looked great when Wendy and Honey posed together.

The official photographer took a whole lot of pictures and i took advantage of the posing to take a couple of pictures myself.

Nice  looking bunch are they not?

Then, believe it or not we all trooped off to the Britannia Restaurant for dinner and I actually ate - again.

salmon and crawfish cakes

Mille Feuille of asparagus and baby leeks

I enjoyed an appetizer (Salmon and crawfish cakes with creme fraiche) and a Mille Feuille of asparagus and baby leeks with Champagne sauce.

Totally delicious.


And then dancing to work all the calories off.

I can still get into my clothes - no problem - so the dancing is obviously counteracting the food.