I have never found it awkward or embarrassing to acknowledge my claustrophobia. Perhaps because I have found it possible to control and calm myself under claustrophobic conditions like the MRI I had before my back surgery (see below). 

It’s my second phobia that I feel silly mentioning. It is called lepidopterophobia. Sounds much more impressive than "fear of butterflies or moths". I can’t remember when I last encountered any flying creatures in my high rise apartment.  But two days ago I first noticed a few moths clinging to the outside of my windows. Ok - they were outside. I could handle that. I kept my windows closed and made sure the screen door to my patio was closed.

Do any of you do cryptic crossword puzzles? My favourite Saturday morning ritual after my early morning walk, is to sit down with a mug of dark roast coffee and cream and tackle the cryptic crossword by Emily Cox and Henry Rathvon.