Papeete's Food Night Market - Les Roulottes

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Papeete's Food Night Market - Les Roulottes

Les Rolottes early eveningOne food experience we did not want to miss was a visit to Les Roulottes – the Papeete Food Night Market.  Street food dining has taken on a new flavour so to speak, in many cities including Vancouver.  From the days when street food meant only hotdogs, pizza or pretzels, the street cart program at least in Vancouver has encouraged a varied “gourmet” street dining experience  with carts at different locations throughout the city (Vancouver Foodie Tours Tastes Curbside Kitchen Food).

Papeete has its Roulottes. These are like the street carts we see in Vancouver but they are located in a large market area near the cruise terminal. There are tables to sit at and enjoy your meal.  The vendor who was recommended to us was said to serve "restaurant quality" foods.

delicious avocado-less tuna tartareAfter our circle tour of Tahiti, we asked Dave to drop us off at Les Roulottes. We wandered around until we found the stand we were looking for. Wary of overcooked fish, I decided to have the red tuna tartare on avocado.

the swordfishThe others decided to try the swordfish.  We sat down and a basket of bread was brought along with the water and drinks. I resisted the bread and just drank water. Despite being careful to drink copious amounts of water on the circle tour I still felt a little dehydrated from the heat of the day during the tour.

The tuna when it came was delicious but the bed of avocado was nowhere to be seen. With some difficulty and lots of pointing at the menu, I managed to make the server understand and she came back with a little container of avocado. My friends found the swordfish tender and delicious. It was not overcooked!

 We were almost finished our food when the skies opened and a torrential down pour ensued. Everyone sitting at the tables made a dash for the table under the small awning on the side of the van.  It did not help – we all got soaked.

- That kind of put a damper on the evening – (oh dear – getting carried away here)  so we set off to find a taxi to drop Margaret off at her B&B and then take Carol and me to the Intercontinental. It was a long day but we saw a lot  and enjoyed our outdoor dinner.