Supping Away: Vienna. Nautilus Fischrestaurant

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Supping Away: Vienna. Nautilus Fischrestaurant

p1130533-w250-h250.jpgNautilus Fischrestaurant
Am Naschmarkt 673

p1130531-w250-h250.jpgAfter our final session at the Tanzschule we decided to accompany our instructors to the Naschmarkt where they were headed to do their grocery shopping. After cruising around the various stalls and picking up some supplies for our train trip to Salzburg next day, we joined friends for lunch at Nautilus.

p1130534-w250-h250.jpgThe day was a bit cold and damp so at first we elected to sit inside. There were people smoking near the table where we were seated inside so we then elected to brave the cold and sit in the covered but open section outside. They supplied blankets for warmth which the guys obviously appreciated!

p1130535-w250-h250.jpgSome of our lunch choices were the Peter's Platter of  grilled calamari, king prawns, scallops and octopus with grilled peppers, tomato and rosemary potatoes. The seafood was perfectly cooked though I found the pepper a bit daunting. It turned out to be a sweet pepper - not too hot.

The Calriesteller consisted of grilled calamari and king prawns with mashed potato and green salad.
A third choice was the grilled calamari on pasta with feta cheese.

All three were declared very good.