East Coast Cruise Day 4: lunch and dinner dining

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East Coast Cruise Day 4: lunch and dinner dining

I was feeling really sad after my visit to the Maritime Museum. It was awful enough to think about the devastation that nature in the form of an errant iceberg could cause - but that was not something that  could have been controlled. On the other hand to read about those government officials who deliberately sent human beings back to a place where they would be sent to concentration camps and slaughtered.  It was sickening.

 I needed to process what I had seen, and was not up for company so I decided to go and have a quiet solitary lunch in the Britannia restaurant.

A lot of people were ashore and the restaurant was relatively quiet. The obliging maitre d' sat me at a table by myself.  I chose the appetizer of Spanish serrano ham served with a parmesan brioche and fig and mango chutney.

I was curious about the panfried smoked pork and cheese sausage with sauerkraut and sauteed potatoes.

The sausage was tasty and so were the sauteed potatoes but I still can't acquire a taste for sauerkraut.

I did not feel like the desserts on the menu but was craving fresh fruit. My server obligingly disappeared into the kitchen and came back with mixed berries. Perfect.

After lunch I wandered back to the cabin to try and catch up with some reading and writing.

All to soon it was dinner time and I was back with the DAS crowd in the Britannia restaurant. The dinner menu was especially enticing but I decided to stick to just a main course. I ordered the tamarind duck breasttamarind glazed duck breast salad with rhubarb compote. I thought the  duck breast was a little overcooked.  An alternate main course was the escaloppe saltimboccaescalope saltimbocca with cured Parma ham and sage on mushroom risotto.  I tasted a piece of the veal. Also delicious.

Although I had avoided having wine with most meals - the dancing was too important to spoil by feeling sleepy - Carol and I decided to share a bottle of  2007 Erbach Marcobrunn Riesling Kabinett from Schloss Shonborn in the Rhine valley. We each had a glass and then asked the server to store it till the next dinner.