Destination Travel: Kelowna. Planning my visit.

Destination Travel: Kelowna. Planning my visit.

An early morning view over  Lake OkanaganIn  October 2008, with my group of food and wine-loving travel pals, I spent a few days dining and wining in the Naramata area - A Taste of the South Okanagan.  A month ago, on the spur of the moment I decided to book a week's vacation at the Lake Okanagan Resort in Kelowna. Although I realized that the area had changed greatly, memories of a magical week spent at the Resort more than 15 years ago had stayed with me all this time. As it turned out the week  I was going to be in Kelowna was when the 16th Annual Okanagan Spring festival was on, so my plans for a sedate, book-filled vacation suddenly got more adventurous. 

Coincidently, two weeks before my planned trip, I attended a performance of Ballet Kelowna at the Roundhouse in Vancouver, and my curiosity about dance and theatre in Kelowna was piqued. With only a week, I needed to figure out an itinerary that was packed with experiences but still leave time for sleep- and writing.

I started my research by going to the website of Tourism Kelowna where I found a comprehensive visitor's guide. Once I had a basic idea of what I hoped to cover in the week, I was able to get helpful advice and some introductions from Catherine at the Tourism office, and begin to put an appointment calendar together.

Although outdoor activities and sports like golf are important reasons to travel to the Okanagan the focus of my travelblogue is on three main areas - food, wine and the arts (dance and theatre).   So watch for upcoming links to restaurant reviews, wineries, events and interviews.

Read it- See it - Taste it Live it. Hmmm...  Right now I am "living it". My writing, and therefore your reading will hopefully follow soon.