Day 8: Formal night pictures

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Day 8: Formal night pictures

Dancers at Sea on Queen Victoria's British Isles cruiseAfter a full day at sea, tonight was Formal Night with a Victoriana Ball. Again the Queens Room floor was more crowded than usual as people came out looking elegant in evening attire, and joined the throngs on the dance floor.

My terrific cabin mate, Karen Dand meThese pictures will say more than words so here are some of the fabulous members of the DAS group in their evening gowns and tuxes.

Robert, Joe, Wendy, Honey, Magdalena,Gordy, Bill and RaoulWendy's team and guests.







Robert and JoeKaren R and Robert

Bill S and JohnWendy and MelissaMagdalenaJeane and HeleneHoneyKaren D and GordyPeggyMary, Joe and FaithCharlie and Cynthia