April 2019

Flying there, Dancing back: Cruising from Honolulu to Vancouver Gillian Lockitch Tue, 04/30/2019 - 22:16

Check out my stories as I join the Pacific Dance Adventure group for a new dance cruise experience. This adventure begins this May with a pre-cruise program in Honolulu, Hawaii, and continues on Holland America's Noordam, cruising back to Vancouver.

Never the Last
Created by Christine Quintana and Molly MacKinnon
Directed by Laura McLean
Choreography by Kayla Dunbar

For lovers of the violin, or for those who appreciate a story of love that survives both adversity and individual triumphs, playwright and actor Christine Quintana and violinist Molly MacKinnon have crafted a musical play  about the 10 year love affair of composer/violinist Sophie-Carmen Eckhardt Gramatté and expressionist painter, Walter Gramatté . The story of their meeting, courtship and marriage is performed by Quintana as Sophie-Carmen and Anton Lipovetsky as Walter Gramatté .  Scenes are woven into and around 10 violin pieces composed by Sophie-Carmen Gramatté .played by MacKinnon.