Does Canada Post Use Ox-Wagons?

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Does Canada Post Use Ox-Wagons?

It must have been post-Olympic nationalistic lunacy that made me walk into a Canada Post Office to send a letter by registered mail to the US. Why else would I utilize the "services" of a Corporation who expend more effort on advertising their politically correctness than they do on providing service?

I handed in a letter to go by registered mail to New York on April 3rd. The 4th was Easter Monday- that's a holiday in Canada so the 5th would be the first working day.  According to the Tracking System two days later, on the 7th, my little registered envelope "left Canada".

Unless it goes to the North Pole for Santa's elves to sort,  it should have reached New York at least by the next day. I mean a passenger plane takes less than 5 hours direct from YVR to any of the New York city airports. So being charitable let's say it landed somewhere in the US by the 8th of April.

Well it is now the 15th April - seven, yes SEVEN days later, and it still is not even showing that it has been scanned in at a US mail destination, never-mind having been sent out for delivery. Unbelievable.

I checked two other shipping companies - you can guess which -  and their standard delivery times are around 5 business days.

A phone call to the "Customer Service" line after half an hour on hold got me the response that if it has not arrived by May 3rd - yes ONE MONTH after I handed it in, they will investigate.

So I pose the question. Does Canada Post send their mail by ox-wagon across North America?

Can anyone answer me?