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Supping in Vancouver: Imperial Chinese Seafood Restaurant

Imperial Chinese Seafood Restaurant
355 Burrard St.,
Ph: (604) 688-8191
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The Imperial Chinese Seafood Restaurant in the Marine Building near the north end of Burrard is one of the favorite Cantonese style restaurants of my friend, Susan, so in the past month I  have been there in a small group for dim sum and a slightly larger group for an a la carte lunch. On both occasions I have been impressed by the unobtrusively efficient service and the mouth watering food.

Some of the favorite selections from our visit for dim sum  were the shrimp and chives dumpling, the deep fried shrimp wonton and deep fried banana shrimp rolls (can't believe I  indulged in deep fried food - so counter to my approach to healthy eating - but they were both delicious).  Had a mouthful of the sticky rice- also very tasty but I can't get my head around filling up on rice. I satisfied my vegetable conscience with gai lan greens and  by the time the calamari came around we were too full to try it. My companions drooled over the steam buns with lotus paste -  well they didn't really drool but made little happy sounds of satisfaction. 

So my summary: I enjoyed the tastes,  the ambiences and service. However my very full tummy bulged a little more than usual after the dim sum. Have to learn control when those enticing odours from the bamboo containers waft in front of my nose.