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L: Living on the Amazon River

On the bank of the Amazon River

Fishing on the river - a family activityFather and son show us their catchEstimates of the population of Peru that is of indigenous origin range between 30 and 45%. About 2% of this group, over 65 different ethnic groups within 16 different language families, live in the area of the Amazon basin.

For those living on the banks of the river fishing is obviously important as a food source. On one of our excursions a father and son brought their dugout canoe up to the side of our skiff  to show us their catch. There were four different fish varieties in their haul for the day.


Fish onesecond Amazon river fishthird Amazon river fish

fourth Amazon river fish






On another occasion we had the opportunity to purchase handicrafts from a woman who also came alongside our skiff. Here are some examples of her crafts.

a shop on the watershowing her warescrafts woven mats