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I ate a Piranha - My A to Z Challenge theme: Amazon Adventures

A Piranha platter

Check out the piranha teethI really did eat a  piranha on the Amazon River - it didn't eat me because it was a vegetarian. Really.  I thought  - piranha - big, sharp teeth, man-eating carnivore. But did you know that in the rivers of South America there are more than 30 different species of piranha? And some eat primarily vegetation.

The theme of this A to Z Challenge is about my Amazon River Jungle Cruise adventures. Read about eating grubs to prevent jungle diarrhea, what you should take with you on a jungle expedition, dancing rumba in a backyard bar in an Amazon village, and moths, mosquitos, giant waterlilies, and much, much more.

Sprinkled among the fun, you'll find facts, fable and food stories. Plus practical information to keep you healthy and bite-free.

It all starts tomorrow with A: An Amazon River Adventure - why?