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stuffed courgette flowersSalt Yard Charcuterie Bar and Restaurant
54 Goodge Street,
Ph: 020 7637 0657

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Open for about 5 years in an area of Fitzrovia that is crammed full with restaurants, cafes, pizzerias and pubs, Salt Yard is consistently booked out for lunch and dinner, according to Max, my friendly and informative server. I understand why.

On the last day of my  London 2010: Restaurants, theatre and shows visit, I decided...

The Queen VicotriaWell I really must learn to read my travel information more carefully - though even though the man who checked us in for the coach transport to Southampton agreed that the ship transfer information was  written somewhat  ambiguously.  I found that other people also experienced the same confusion regarding where to go, so it must be partly the way the Cunard documentation is written.

Basically the transfer details state: meet the Cunard representative at the Information desk...

outside the AdelphiTheatreDisaster strikes. At least disaster for someone who does not like saunas and steam rooms.

For four days and nights in London I had enjoyed the arctic-like temperature in my room, turned the AC off before I went to sleep, and slept like a baby all night. Actually probably not like a baby since babies wake up crying for food every few hours.  But I do sleep well, and wake up thoroughly rested and ready to go despite only 5 to 6 hours...

A quiet moment on the ThamesBy my third day in London, I had seen three productions, Thriller Live, The Habit of Art and The Prisoner of Second Avenue, done the Backstage Tour at the National Theatre and enjoyed some good dining at ROKA. But the promised wireless internet access had not yet materialized. Apparently the hotel was being re-cabled, and I was days behind in keeping up with email and with posting my Travelblogue. entries.

The desk called just around noon  say that...

I must have been really tired because when I opened my eyes on Monday morning and checked the time it was 9:30. Guess I was catching up on the travel sleep deficit. Couldn't really face breakfast so I ordered a pot of coffee from room service and got myself thoroughly caffeinated while I dressed and got organized for my theatre booking expedition.

My Tuesday night was already allocated for All My Sons so that left me with Monday night and Wednesday night open. The last time I was in London there was virtually nothing on on Sunday and Monday and I...

Despite the fact that London is 8 hours ahead of Vancouver, I woke up at 7 AM on my first morning here, feeling quite rested. I had decided to have breakfast in the hotel dining room at least for today, and then see what coffee shops were around the area.

dining roomAt 8 I walked down the stairs to the first floor restaurant. It...

West End Theatre mapFlight, train, taxi - smooth as silk.  The big question was sleep- or start my London adventure.

By shortly after 1 PM I was unpacked, showered and ready to head down to Leicester Square to check out the theatre scene. I also planned to see about getting a local cell phone so that I could call home without having to mortgage my home to pay my Fido bill when I got back to Vancouver.

As I walked along Charlotte Street I noticed that both...

This says it allIt seems as though it would be a long and exhausting journey from Vancouver to my hotel in London but this is how the timing actually went:

Depart Vancouver around 5 PM (equivalent to 1 am London time the next day)
After a nine hour flight, arrive around 10 am at Heathrow
By around 11 am,  I am on the Heathrow Express for the 15 minute ride to Paddington Station
The wait for a taxi was under 5...

The "hood" I focus on when in LondonI'm a planner as any one who knows me even remotely is aware. My electronic calendar gets sorted out weeks, even months in advance. When asked, I declare that I have to do things that way because I am so frightfully busy - the life of an entertainment/food and wine/ travel/ dance-cruise writer is so full of attending events, eating and drinking (well maybe not drinking so much), traveling and dancing - that I need my...

With five nights in London before leaving on a Ballroom Dance Cruise around the British Isles - I check out  theatre and musical shows in the West End and at the National Theatre in South Bank and restaurants in the Fitzrovia/SOHO area


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