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spine surgery

Vancouver at dusk - could not resist the glorious sunsetWeek 10 and I am feeling great. My energy level is high,  I am back in the gym, my low carb weight loss plan seems to be working and I am going to social events, plays, movies and restaurants. In fact the one thing everyone keeps reminding me about is that "you have had major surgery, don't overdo it."

Early morning coming back from Urban Fare...

walking a litle bit further every day - day Today I achieved yet another small step on my way to recovery from my recent back surgery. I managed to get my sock onto my  right foot.  It may not sound like much  but it was the absolutely last thing I needed to be able to do, in order to say that I could completely take care of myself, at last as far as getting dressed is concerned.

Actually I should not be...

Ok probably not a good joke to make right now when I am 5 days post spine surgery - but I am a little sad at having missed Blackbird Theatre's Who's Afraid of Virginia Woolf: My guest reviewer saw it in my place.   sad   And I can never resist a little word play.

T.L.I.F stands for Transforaminal Lumbar Interbody Fusion and according to my Discharge Summary, that's the procedure that I had last Friday at VGH.

My regular readers know about the excruciating sciatic pain that came on after my return from...

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