Rocking Horse Pub

Approaching Nanaimo ferry terminalPROLOGUE

My heart beat faster as I saw the invitation.  A Cooking Contest to be held over two nights on Vancouver Island - and I was invited to be one of the judges. I sipped my freshly-brewed coffee and watched the lights across the waters of False Creek blink out as the morning sky lightened. Perhaps it was the caffeine because my dreams were certainly not opium-induced but my thoughts took off and "ran down pathways measureless to man".

"The Cooking Contest's Judge Gillian - wow.   Move over Mark McEwan - I too could become a Celebrity, and then a Star and then perhaps a gig on "Dancing With The Stars" could be in my future. Derek, Tony, Mark, Max - fantastic teachers all - how to choose?
or do they get assigned? Eight hours dancing a day - fantastic. I would never whine like some of those wimpy "stars".

Patches of blue sky were gradually appearing above the rose coloured clouds in the East above False Creek. I took another sip of coffee and thought some more deep thoughts.  "How did the Food Network find me? It must be the incisive foodie writing on my Sipping and Supping Blog." 

Clam chowder and BLT specialRocking Horse Pub
2038 Sanders Road
Nanoose Bay

Nanaimo District, BC
Ph: (250) 468-1735

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As we drove up to the Rocking Horse Pub, I saw what  looked like a large house standing amidst green fields. The exterior did not hint at the comfortable English pub ambience that we encountered when we entered. Six of us were seated at a nice sized table. I chose to sit on the "church pew" bench which meant the table was just at the right height for me.

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