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my sort-of low carb variant of my bran muffin recipeIn response to many requests after a post about  Food, Emotions and False Creek  described my sinfully delicious Chock full-o-health bran muffins with golden raisins and apricots, I published my ad hoc recipe. Promptly got several appreciative comments. So why would one mess with success?

Well that was two years ago, and I have been enjoying these healthy bran muffins since. But after 5 months of enforced inactivity due to back...

By special request: 
Here is my more-or-less recipe for my chock-full-o-health bran muffins.
The more-or-less refers partly to the golden raisins and dried apricots which I add in different quantities depending on my mood or what I happen to have in my pantry.
It also refers to the fact that I tend to experiment with ingredients, oven temperatures and cooking times - so this is the formula I am using currently (no pun intended!).

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