Bouillabaisse at FishworksFishworks
91 Lonsdale Avenue,
North Vancouver
Ph: (778) 340-3449

Having enjoyed the experience of traveling by Canada Line and Seabus over to Lonsdale Quay to dine at Lolo on 2nd Avenue, I decided to repeat the adventure on the evening we were going to see Plan B at Presentation House on Chesterfield and W. 3rd Street in North Vancouver.

So we made a reservation for an early dinner at Fishworks, a restaurant that opened in November last year in a heritage building on Lonsdale. When we got there around 5:45 it was still almost empty but by the time we left many of the tables were full.

Chef's selection platterLoLo North Vancouver
100 East 2nd Street,
North Vancouver, BC.
Ph: (778) 340-6655

It has been a long time since I visited the area around Lonsdale Quay in North Vancouver, and I had heard there were some excellent new restaurants in that area. 

I was meeting a friend from West Vancouver for a long over-due, catch-up-on-our-news supper, and we decided to try LoLo Wine bar and Restaurant. LoLo stands for Lower Lonsdale,  and when I checked  the location on the map I realized it was only a couple of blocks up from the Seabus terminal.

I think the last time I took the Seabus was probably over 30 years ago when I lived on the North Shore. The present catamaran passenger ferries were introduced around 1977 and at that time we took our kids on a ride for an adventure. 

This time I thought I would do the whole trip from Yaletown to the restaurant and back using public transit just to compare times with my usual system of driving across to theatre and dances on the North Shore.

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