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Italian Sensation! (cucina)

Italian dinner for seven awaitsAfter trying out recipes from a Tagine cookbook and a Cake cookbook , the next supper adventure for the SASSY Supper club was to try the recipes from Italian SENSATION! (cucina). This is a coffee table-perfect work of love for all things Italian, written by a Vancouverite, who has cooked Italian family dinners most of her life.

Seven members of the SASSY Supper Club picked a range of recipes from the book, encompassing seafood, chicken, vegetables, pasta,...

Bookcover: Italian SENSATION! (cucina)Italian SENSATION! (cucina),
by Anna Maria McClenaghan
256 pages filled with colour photographs
Publisher: Christoforo Publishing
ISBN No. 978-0-9867598-0-2
Can $39.99

Anna Maria, Mama Magaret and Matthew, Anna's son at the book launch party.The first aspect that struck me about "Italian SENSATION! (cucina)" was that this is not your conventional recipe book. This book is as much about...

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