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Festival Brunch

Old Vines baked yogurt dessert with lavendar honeyWell as a chronicler of a multi-course food and wine pairing, I obviously need to go into training well in advance of the next sipping and supping event I attend.  Having been deprived of wine for most of the past  6 months - because taking analgesics for my severe back pain took precedent over drinking pleasure -  I must have lost any of the tolerance for alcohol that I had carefully built up over the years.


Susan, Pat, Marilynne and Linda await the start of the brunchthe photographer photographedOne of the highlights of the Vancouver Playhouse International Wine Festival  is the Sunday brunch with wine paired with food offerings from BC's finest restaurants. 

On several previous occasions I have enjoyed the Vintner's Brunch which is held in one of the huge halls of the Vancouver Convention Centre.

But this year a...

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