False Creek

I love VancouverIt is 5 pm on a cold but sunny Vancouver afternoon and I have just taken the Aquabus across the gleaming waters of False Creek to the Granville Island stop. Two friends and I are about to attend our first Wild Winter Wingding for Wonderful Women at the Sandbar Restaurant.

Linda and Pat host W5As an avid admirer of alliteration and assonance, I can't wait to greet the two women who dreamed up the name for this get-together of  "wonderful women from Vancouver's communications, health, research, public relations, media and consulting sectors." Not to mention the chance to meet the  70 other wonderful women that will be there.

The first faces I see as I enter are Linda and Pat.  Pat and I first met a "censored" number of years ago when we were both working at the Children's and Women's Health Centre of British Columbia: she was  in Communications and I was in Laboratory Medicine.

That's where I met a number of the other familiar faces from the past - in  Media, Communications, and Research Foundations. 

Pat  jokes that I taught her everything she  knows about lead poisoning from Iranian kettles.

It's a long story. I might tell it sometime if anyone is curious. But  if you really want to know more you can read the original publication here.

I comment that it is ironic that what I learned from Pat and the other folks in communications was about how to talk to the media.

False CreekI was meditating about the link between eating and emotional state when the early morning view from my office window derailed my profoundly philosophical and serious approach to this topic by elevating my mood to a state where I could no longer sit typing about angst and sorrows. 

I mean, just look at the deep blue of the water in the picture.

lI  went outside and looked over the railing down at the water. 

The glorious sunshine reflecting off the waters of False Creek was mesmerizing - how do you capture the light energy in a photograph?

The sun was calling to me "come out, come out, wherever you are and enjoy my warmth and light, and get your all-natural skin-manufactured daily dose of Vitamin D, the latest wonder vitamin."

Well, I exaggerate just a little bit.  The  "come out, come out, wherever you are" was just me missing my little grand-daughter and her games of hide and seek . And as for the all-natural  vitamin D bit - well that was my all-natural cynical response to the plethora of health claims for "natural" foods that I see daily in newspapers, maganzines and malls.

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