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The reason I went on my first dance cruise with Dancers at Sea, the West Coast Ballroom Dancing and Wine-Tasting Cruise, that started my whole craze for dance cruising, was because on the DAS web-site, I noted that Wendy promised a dance host for every three single guests. So at worst, one would be dancing every third dance instead of sitting wistfully on the sidelines watching others on the dance floor.

On the second cruise I took with the DAS group, the four night East Coast Labor Weekend Getaway from New York, I first encountered Dance Hosts from the...

Still smiling near voyage end - Art, Keith, Ed, JoeWhen I was considering booking for the cruise around the British Isles, one of the things that tipped my decision towards going was the fact that the Cunard liners are one of the few among cruise lines that have a regular Dance Host program.  This means that if you are travelling without a dance partner, you can still get an opportunity to enjoy some ballroom dancing on the excellent Cunard ballroom floors.

I  first learned about...

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