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cheese tasting

Tasting Wine & Cheese: Cover photo by Glenn Scott Photography

One of my guilty pleasures, indulged in only when I know for sure that I will not be out dancing cheek to cheek, is to munch on a chunk of Dutch Cantenaar cheese topped with a scallion or spring onion. Another is to slather  toasted dark rye bread with my special butter/olive oil spread, and when the butter has soaked into the toast, smear on a layer of German Cambazola cheese.  While the cheese and onion doesn't really pair well with wine, my rye and Cambazola toast tastes wonderful with a glass of Gewurtztraminer or Riesling.

As one who has...

cheese board onecheese board twoAfter learning during my Vancouver Island Cooking Challenge 2011 that cheese makers from Vancouver Island produced the winner and both other finalists in the category of soft-ripened cheeses with bloomy rind at the 2011 Canadian Cheese Grand Prix, I went out to find whether I could buy them locally at stores in my Yaletown neighborhood. I also became curious...

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